HISTORY -For decades, Indian women are known for their beauty and extremely long hair. Hours are spent
shampooing, drying, and oiling their beautiful tresses over scented incense sticks. Because of the length,
they keep it healthy and shiny with light or heavy oils and wear it braided or in a bun.
EDUCATION -Virgin Indian Hair comes in two types. Double Drawn and Single Drawn.  Double Drawn
means all the hair is in one direction. The hair is cut directly from the root and mid back so that each hair is
the same length for a more natural and fuller look. This process allows almost all the hairs to be the same
length. This type cost more because of it's fullness when wefted from end to end.
Single drawn means the
hair is cut usually starting at mid back across the top only, leaving the bottom (ends) in its natural state. In this
case, you will find  shorter lengths throughout the hair because it is the hair at the end of the womans hair;
however, it is also a very great quality hair SOLD & CARRIED MOST! It appears more natural when wefted.
QUALITY  -Indian hair is a very unique texture and blends very well with a lot of cultures. Being this hair is
virgin indian hair, it will only come in natural black/natural brown. Virgin hair means, hair that has not been
processed in any way.  It is taken from Indian females who have never processed their hair. This hair is 100%
natural, so there is no damage to the cuticles. However, the sweet thing about this is, it can be colored to any
shade you like. It is very versatile and can be worn with natural light subtle waves when allowed to air dry. It
can also be worn bone straight when flat ironed with medium heat, as well as curly when wet again. It can be
set with rollers/flexi rods. The wefted hair is TOTALLY reusable for many installs.
SUMMARY - After you wear it one time, you will never want to go back to the average beauty supply store
hair. It is nothing of the same and is not in the same league. Don't let them lie to you! Most other cultures do
not cut their hair as Indians do! Example Brazilian, Malaysian,Peruvian etc. - For instance, Brazilians do not
cut their hair off like the Indian culture. Think about it - most Americans go to Brazil to get butt lifts and breast
augmentations and most Brazilians also receive butt lifts and breast augmentations. Why would they go
around balding their heads as with Americans, if they main goal is too look sexy?! A large population of these
cultures and our cultures are too vein to do this. Plus we color, bleach, perm, & relax our hair too much. The
Indian culture DO NOT!  So the hair they sell you is processed (a look alike) Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian
Texture NOT Hair from The True Culture. This is why I say, don't let them lie to you. They should advertise it
differently, IT'S ASIAN CHINESE HAIR! Not saying it's a bad thing, I'm just saying that's what it is. I used to
advertise my Chinese hair line, when I use to sell as Indibrazil Textured Hair. However, I just got tired of
selling it. There's nothing like my PURE RAW & REAL line, so I don't care to sell it anymore. They do sell
Real Russian Hair and other type nationalities hair, but it is limited and will cost you a small fortune. In India it
is a cultural thing. This is why they do it, and is why The Real Hair is readily available. I CALL THIS HAIR  MY
ELITE CREAM OF THE CROP BUNDLES #RhondasBundles! To achieve additional textures like deep wave,
body wave etc. it is steamed and shaped into place, still no chemicals.
1.) It is Indian Hair - not Asian Chinese hair found at your local beauty supply store.
2.) After processing, it still holds its quality.
3.) It is reusable a high number of times, because of its quality.
Our uniquely sewn durable wefts and hair quality allows it to be used over and over again. It has been known
to be used for as long as 2 years with some of our customers. However, we stand by it for up to 1-2 years
with proper care. You are investing up front, to only save in the future. Try the best today! You will thank me
later when you start seeing growth spurts with your protective style, tangle free hair!
Virgin Indian Hair - Our Original ELITE Hair
by Shear Essence Salon - EDUCATE YOURSELF
8" Regular $100    Sale Price $75
10" Regular $120    Sale Price $90
12" Regular $140    Sale Price $105
14" Regular $160    Sale Price $120
16" Regular $180    Sale Price $135
18" Regular $200    Sale Price $150
20" Regular $220    Sale Price $165
Special Order
22" Regular $240    Sale Price $220
24" Regular $260   Sale Price $240
26" Regular $280   Sale Price $260
28" Regular $300   Sale Price $280
30" Regular $320    Sale Price $300
32" Regular $340    Sale Price $320
34" Regular $360    Sale Price $340
36" Regular $380    Sale Price $360
Organic Curly 28"
Virgin Indian Hair
Shear Essence
Lace Closure
Sewn In-No Glue
Shear Essence
Lace Closure
Sewn In-No Glue
1 Bundle Of  22" Paris Wave Used
2 Bundles Of 1-16"+ 1-18" Paris Wave Used
2 Bundles Of 1-18"+ 1-20" Paris Wave Used
2 Bundles Of 14" Paris Wave Used
2 Bundles Of 14" Paris Wave Used
2 Bundles Of 18" Paris Wave Used
3 Bundles Of 24" Paris Wave Used
2 Bundles Of 1-16"+ 1-18" Paris Wave Used
Paris Wave In Its Natural State
2-22" Bundles Used
2-24" Bundles Used-Looks Full Huh?!
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Pure Real Shear Essence V.I.H. Natural Straight 28" Custom Colored Burgundy.
Natural Straight 32"
Virgin Indian Hair
Natural Curly 24"
Virgin Indian Hair
Natural Curly 28"
Virgin Indian Hair
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Come Touch & Feel The Difference
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