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Upscale Salon without the Upscale Prices
6100 Greenland Road Ste 602 Jacksonville Fl  904-683-3722
Relaxer/Retouch & Style=$65
Partial Relaxer B4 Sew-in=$40
Relax Nape Only=$15 Halo/Edges=$20
Relaxer & Style (Long/Thick Hair)=$80
Kid Relaxer & Style under 10=$55
Relaxer (Virgin Hair)=$80
(If you have extensions/weave)=$65
Texturizer Short=$50 Long $60
Keratin Treatments =$150-$175
Jeri Curls/Perms
Wave Nouveau/Carefree Curl=$90
Permanent Waves Specialty =$90
Trims Additional $15
Includes Shampoo Style . Relaxers Additional.
Veteran Stylists Sew-ins  $200
Traditional/Netweave/Enclosed Sewin=$175
Lace Closure Sew-in=$175
Lace Frontal Sew-in / 360 Sew-In=$175
Clean Reusable Virgin Hair =$30
Color Virgin Indian Hair Per Bundle=$4
Tighten Sewin = +$25
Lace Hairpiece / Lace Wig Customizing
Blend Lace with Skin Tone $25
Pluck Lace $25 Bleach Knots $25
Custom Wig Making / Lace Wig Attachment
Custom Wig Making =See Custom Wigs Page
Lace Wig Install =$130 (Shampoo, Braid Down, with/without Adhesive)
Lace Wig Install Sew-in =$160 (Shampoo, Braid Down, Sewn In with/without Adhesive)
Sew-In Tracks by Row
Sew-In (Per Row/Tracks)=$40
Braidless Sew-In=$50
Shampoo Style Additional $50
Quick Weave =$80 Quick Weave Wig Cap $80
Includes Shampoo Style / Relaxer + $65
Bonding/Glue Per Row/Tracks
Full Head Bond $80 Includes Shampoo Style
Bonding/Glue Per Row=$10 Shampoo Style + $50
Relaxer Additional + $65
Flat Fusion/Micro Round Fusion/Micro Links
16" Remy Indian STRAIGHT or CURLY Hair Included
75 Strands 3 Packages Partial $500
100 Strands 4 Packages $600 Semi Full Head
(Most Popular)
125 Strands 5 Packages $700 Xtra Full Head
20" Remy Indian Hair Included
75 Strands 3 Packages Partial $650
100 Strands 4 Packages $800 Semi Full Head
(Most Popular)
125 Strands 5 Packages $950 Xtra Full Head
Service Includes Shampoo Style / Relaxer + $65
Deposit equals half of package selected. Also Available in 24"
Tape Extensions=$50 Per Row
Shampoo Style + $50
Removal Hair Extension Services
Bond/Quickweave Removal =$20
Sew-In Removal=$35 Hair Fusion Removal =$1 Per Strand
Permanent Color=+$45
Double Application=+$85
Shampoo Style Additional
Shampoo Styles
Shampoo Style =$50
Shampoo Style
(with Extensions/Weave)=$55
Shampoo Style Lace Frontal Sew-in $65
Basic Set/Wrap/Body Wrap =$50
Flat Iron $50/Hot Curl =50
Flat Iron Wavy/Thick Hair=$55
Hot Curl Only (w No Shampoo) $45
Body/Silk Press N Curl=$50
(Long Hair + $10)
Dominican Blow Out =$65
Shampoo & Blow Dry =$40
Hot Curl \ Style Only = $40
Spiral Sets/Rod Set=$70 Straw Set=$90
Crimps=$60 w Weave=$70
Ponytails w Weave / Up-Do =$60
French Roll/Up-Do=$55 w Weave $75
Additional Services
Shampoo & Wet Cut =$30
Taper Short Cuts=+$15
Precision/Razor Style Cuts=$30
Trim Nat'l Hair=$15 Trims Weaves=$15
Deep Condition/Hot Oil Treatment=+$15
Other Services
Eyebrow Razor Arch=$10