Traditional Sew-Ins (Last 3-4 Months) Shampoo Style is Included Small Braids & Small Stitching
Hair Fusion
Traditional Sew-in | $200 (Small Stitches)
Enclosed Sew-in, Lace Closure Sew-in | $200 (Small Stitches)
Alopecia Net Hair Loss Sew-in with Lace | $200 (Small Stitches)
High Pony Sew-in | $250 (Small Stitches)
Lace Frontal Sew-in w/w/o adhesive | 360 Closure Lace Sew-in w/w/o adhesive $200
Wig Install  with Adhesive $125 without Adhesive $75
Lace Wig Sew-in (Shampoo, Braid Down with/without adhesive) $175
Tape Extensions Install $200
Braidless Sew-in Install $200
Hair Fusion - Get Consult $500-$900
Sew-in Take Out (4 months less) $35 | Over 4 months + $45
Full Head Glue Bonded Weave $100
Relaxer $80 | Long Hair $95
Shampoo Style $65 | Shampoo Style Weave (Lace Retape Included) $70
Shampoo Virgin Bundles Hair To Reuse $40
Cut $30 | Demi-Color $30 | Permanent Color $75 | Color Bundle $45

$50 Deposit Required on Extensions/Sew-ins to keep my book Free of No Show/No Call
Center Part Sew-in *Note-Same
hair to the right flat ironed straight.
Sew-In. Natural Curly, Machine Weft, 10"
Flat Ironed Straight & Layer Cut.
Lace Frontal Sew-in
Invisatracks Tape Ext. $50 a Track/Row
After Fusion Removal 3 1/2 months old.
BraidLess Sew-In $50 a Track/Row
Owner and Founder of Shear Essence Salon & Weave College Inc. My Specialities
include Traditional Sew-Ins, Alopecia Sew-ins, Lace Closure & Lace Frontal Sew-ins,
Ponytail Sew-In, Tape Extensions & More. Other specialities include Flat Iron, Soft
Body Styles, & Wraps. I use Design Essentials & Nairobi Relaxer Systems. Many
travel many miles to sit in my chair. So the myth of sew-ins taking your hair out is
NOT TRUE. If your hair is damaged and you need it to come back, I'm your stylist!
Ms. Rhonda Robinson
Stylists Jacksonville Fl
Hair Extensionist & Educator
This Sewin Is 5 Months Old
Her Nat'l
Hair Before
Her Nat'l
Hair After
Wearing Sewins
Rhonda Robinson's Business Hours Are:
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Sew-in Deposit $50
Text 904-414-3998
Hair Fusion
Hair Fusion Install
Hair Fusion Install
Lace Sew-in
Braidless Sewin
Tape Extensions
Hair Fusion
Lace Sewin
High Pony Sew-in
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