Normal Length -Neck Length $150
Long Length -Pass Shoulders $170
Keratin Treatments are for Women, Men, Teenagers, Relaxed Hair Clients, Natural
Hair Clients, Any Ethnicity etc.
*Are you naturals tired of your hair frizzing up as soon as you leave the salon?
Keratin helps your hair fight the humidity!
*Do you want added protein to your hair that adds life, body, manageability and shine?
Keratin gives your hair the best version that your hair can possibly be.
*Do you want a 1 day treatment, not a 3 day treatment?
Our Keratin Treatment is completed in 3-4 Hours.
If all applies to you, then you want Shear Essence Salon Keratin Treatment,
completed the same day. This is not a 3 day process.

Keratin Treatments does not break down the bonds, nor does it straightens. Keratin
Treatments adds protein, moisture, and smooths your hair. Keratin is a hair smoother.
Your hair will still keep its natural wave pattern. Keratin just makes it perform better. In
other words, it acts how you want it to react. For instance, if you want to wear it flat
ironed straight, It will remain flat ironed straight for longer periods of time with no
frizzes. If you want to add bounce to your hair, keratin adds bounce. It simply brings
your hair back to life with deep penetrating proteins.

Keratin Treatments, give you the ability to go back and forth as you please. From
natural to straight. At, the same time moisturizing your hair. You will not lose your
natural curl pattern.

Most Keratin Treatments (at least ours) you get every 3 months. After receiving the
Keratin Treatment, you are not limited to certain duties. You can do everything you
normally do right after you receive our Keratin Treatment.
Keratin is Finish -A better
version of her hair.
Keratin is Finish -A better
version of her hair.
Keratin Treatments
Keratin Treatments
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