Full Lace Wigs $450 10"-20" Longer + $50 (Schedule Consult)
Full Lace Wig Attachments: $125
All attachments pricing includes shampoo, condition, braid down,
and cleansing all dirt and oils front hair line. Also, includes
styling, blending and flatiron or body curls on human hair pieces.
Layer Cuts are an additional $30.
Lace Front Wig
We Also Sell FACTORY MADE Full Lace Wigs
The Full Lace Wigs ordered from The Factory are
10"-16"    $550 18"-20"    $600 22"-26"    $650 28"-36"
Lace front ear to ear & nape, Base Color #33, 1st Hi-Lite Color #27, 2nd Hi-Lite
Color #27, 1/8 inch streaks, 25% Hi-lites, Medium-Light Density, 16 inches
Silky Indo texture, all around wavy baby hair, partfree, tinted cap & lace
Message: I just
wanted to thank you,
as well as Rhonda
for such a great
product and such
great customer
service!!! I am so
happy I made this
investment.  I have
attached a picture
for you to see just
how happy I am.
Thanks again,
Lace front ear to
ear & nape, Base
Color #4,  Hi-Lite
Color #14,  
25% Hi-lites,
Medium, 16 inches
Silky Indo straight
texture, all around
wavy baby hair,
partfree, tinted cap
& lace
Mommy's Lace Front Wig!
Color #1b,   Medium Density,
16 inches, Deepwave texture,
all around wavy baby hair,
partfree, tinted cap & lace
send you a picture of my wig.  My
Message :Hello Lois, I figured I would
first one I ordered was ok but this
one was better since I knew how to
order it this time.  It's 16 inches of
natural straight, flat back, color #1.  I
always wet mine and make it comb
forward.  It was cut by my stylist.
Message- from Customert
Hello Lois, This is Barbara , I spoke with you earlier
today regarding a few questions about customizing
a new unit, and I've also attached pictures (7 in
total) of my new unit which was received a few
weeks ago which I love!  I've received so many
compliments and I plan on purchasing more soon.  
I also have a few friends who are also looking to
purchase a unit. Please let me know if you have
any trouble opening these pix.  And thank you so
much for taking the time to answer all of my
questions earlier today.  I actually browsed the site
for several weeks before I finally got the nerve to
order a unit and I am a satisfied customer.  Thanks
again, Barbara
Pure Indian Lace Front Wig Hair 18"
Yaky Straight
Lace Front Wig Body Wave, ear to ear & nape, #4, Medium
Density, 16 inches, with baby hair, partfree, tinted cap & lace
Loosewave, Partfree, 18 inches
Message: - I love the new wig I ordered, It actually fits better than the
first one. I will be sending photos soon so you can see, and i finally
got the hang of attaching it. The tape is so much easier for me. I am
going to order some more tape, don't wanna run out. Thanks Inez
#1/#2 hi-lites, Med Density, wavy baby hair, partfree,
tinted cap
Lace front ear to ear & nape, #1,
Loosewave, Medium Density Partfree,
16 inches
Styled with Brandywine Detangler &
16 inches, Yaky Straight Texture, no baby hair, partfree, tinted cap & lace.
Back View
Front View
Natural Straight #8/#16
Me With My 1st Lace Wig!
Shear Essence Salon 2004
This Is The Wig I'm Wearing! I am sporting the Natural Straight Texture Lace Front Wig. I rolled it with rollers to give it the soft effects, then lightly sprayed it with
oil sheen. The Indian Texture can also be worn wavy when misted with water.  Truly an amazing wig. I absolutely Love It.
Rhonda Robinson - Owner
Message from Rhonda:This client is located on the West Coast. She had her
wig cut and styled by her stylist. Isn't she beautiful, in her new Lace Front Wig!
After Lace Was Cut
Before Lace Was Cut
Name: = Wanda
Location = San Leandro, CA
Heard By: = Google
Message = I recieved my Lace Front Unit a few days ago.  The skeptic in
me thought "is this really going to work"  After my stylist attached
the unit I was amazed!!!  It is so natural and so much fun!!!  I have
recieved soooo many compliments and I have only had it attached for 1
day!  It is fabulous and Rhonda is a doll!  Keep up the good work and I will
be back for a second unit soon!   
Read More.........
especially during the application of Nina's new lace front. We managed
to get a unit to fit over the dreads. The dreads were braided down and
secured with thread. Now Nina's more versatile. Isn't she Lovely!
Location = Miami, Fl
Heard By: = Browsing internet
Message = I am so pleased with the comfort of my lace front. Rhonda
really helped me with my twenty thousand questions.  I was very skeptical
simply because I couldn't imagine having a wig that look so natural
without paying a huge amount of money like the stars ie: Beyonce, J-Lo,
Brandy etc.  She really made it affordable.  I am definitely doing business
again in the near future.  Hey where is my photo?  
Read More......
Yaky Straight
#30 & #27
With Baby Hair
Lace front ear to ear & nape, #1, Loosewave,
Medium Density Partfree, 18 inches
Pure Indian Natural Wavy
To Place An Order With A $50 Deposit To Get Your Custom Wig Made
CLICK HERE: www.ShearEssenceProducts.com
Rhonda Robinson's Machine Made Wigs & Hairpieces
"Custom Wig Making"
by The Weave Genius - Instagram @WeaveGenius
Sometimes, you just don't have time to sit in the salon for the 3-4 hour process of getting a sew-in. So, why
not get a wig made instead. I can use new hair or clean old hair. They can be made to wear daily like I do! Or
you can have them sewn on like a sew-in (it only takes a few minutes to attach). These wigs can also be
worn with adhesive, since they are lace fronts. They can most definitely also be worn without adhesive. The
glueless attachment method goes on so quick, like a hat. I throw them on all the time, right before I get out
the car lol! These wigs are also and instant resolve for alopecia clients. Actually, they are great for any one.

$175 when purchasing Shear Essence Hair, Complimentary Consult, Glueless/Tape Install.
$200 when bringing in your own hair.
Cut +$30 Custom Color +70
$50 Deposit, Balance Paid at Pick Up.

What's Needed
Lace Frontal + 1 to 3 Bundles (Depending On Thickness Fullness You Want)
Lace Closure + 2 to 3 Bundles (Depending On Thickness Fullness You Want)

Also need your wigs measurements:
1.Head Circumference Measurement
2. Ear to Ear Measurement
3.Front To Nape Measurement

My Wigs Come with Complimentary Consult, Style & Glueless/Tape Install. Call to set up wig consult
904-683-3722 or send wig template.
Clip On Machine Made Hair Pieces Custom Made $90
(Hair Not Included)
Lacefree Machine Made Closures Custom Made $75
(Hair Not Included)
Photos below are from 2005 over a Decade Ago! Just to show you how
long we have been dealing and selling Lace Goods!
Shear Essence Salon & Indian Hair Boutique
The Multi-Cultural Hair Extension Specialists 9825 San Jose Blvd Suite 12 Jax Fl
Phone: 904-683-3722             14 Years In Business! Open 9:00am-8:00pm Salon hours may vary per stylist.