Braidless Sewin $50 A Track For Length and Added Fullness
This hair weaving technique is definitely unique. It is as described,
A SEW-IN WITH NO BRAIDS. Yes, completely off the hook. I know you ladies have
been dying for a technique like this. The tracking foundation is created with machine or
hand-tied hair is added as usual. By creating the track with thread it eliminates the
braid. Therefore, you no track and you can wear your hair in ponytails and chignons.
The sew-in last up to 3 months and must be removed by the stylist. Another difference
from this sewin and the regular sewin is some of your hair is left out from every other
track as if you were getting a bond. In other words, all your hair is not tied down.  For
this service, I also only recommend a very high quality hair.  However, if you are
interested in this technique and you are in the area set up a consult.
Usually only 2-3 tracks will suffice for this weaving method.
My deposits are $50 which can be paid
online or by calling 904-683-3722
Berny has 1 Braidless Sewin Track for Color
Stephanie has 2 Braidless Sewin Track  for Fullness
Ashley has 1 Braidless Sew-in Track for Color
The Braidless Sewin
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