NEW Infulocks® Serial #86473754 is a Shear Essence Salon Exclusive. Trademarked by
Rhonda Robinson.( Weave Genius)  It's a lock extension technique where Rhonda infuses
the Infulocks® into your natural hair. The technique takes about 6-7 hours
(depending on your
head circumference & your hair density
) half the time of other lock extensions.  Infulocks® is
PERMANENT. The Infulocks® can be used on any hair texture ethnicity and it is for anyone
who wants to wear them Men or Women.
*Installed In 6-7 Hours


NOTE: I do not repair or fix old locks. Neither do I go behind someone else's work.
I am an Hair Fusion Extensionist. I install Hair Fusion.
Please contact one of our braiders for all other services.

1.What texture hair can get this service? Any texture of hair can receive this service.

2.How much does it cost? To determine an accurate quotation send photo of your hair with no hair extensions to
Rhonda@ShearEssenceSalon.com Subject: Infulocks®  

3.Is this service for alopecia clients or clients with damaged hair who want to go natural? It's for anyone...
However, the  alopecia will still remain if this service is installed. It will cover alopecia slightly.

4. What length does my hair have to be? Any length.

5. What if your natural is 10 to 12 inches long? Any length is fine for this service.
PRICING INFO/ HAIR INCLUDED Infulocks® are 12-24" Long
Most Clients Only Need Approximately 100-125 Infulocks

100 Infulocks® =$700
(Most Popular.)
125 Infulocks = $875 (If hair is thick.)
$7 Per Infulock® (Minimum 50) Hair Included.

Select a Color that blends with your natural hair. Colors Available
1b, 2, 4, 6, 8, 18 22, 27,30, 33, 35, 613, Purple, & Wine

Call Salon Receptionist between 9-3pm 904-683-3722
to schedule a consult with Rhonda Robinson
or Book Online:

Long Distance Email Photo of Natural Hair: Rhonda@ShearEssenceSalon.com
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