The Hair Patch is a custom made hairpiece for Alopecia Areata. Hair patches
are reusable and you can part anywhere for natural appearances.
Custom Patches are made to blend with your very own natural hair.
It can also be used to fill in your edges after your Sew-in or weave.
"Hair Patch" Installed To Sew-in Weave
Do you have Alopecia Areata -spot patterned baldness? Are you tired of
wearing a heavy wig or lace hairpiece? Do you just want a small hairpiece to
cover your alopecia to blend in with your very own natural hair or sew-in
weave? The "Hair Patch" just for you.
Note- The name Hair Patch™ is Trademarked and branded by Rhonda Robinson
Products Inc. Use of this name is NOT prohibited. Serial #85704096
Installation Day:
We do not attach "Hair Patch" to soiled hair.
Shampoo Style is $45
Installation charge is (installation) $50 + Shampoo Style is $45. (The Hair Patch
Hairpiece) $125=$220
Questions: Subject: Hair Patch
Call the receptionist to schedule your consultation with Rhonda Robinson.
..... During Consultation you will:
* be measured for your custom "Hair Patch"
* select your hair texture from our selection
Hair Patch™
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